Plant Those Vegies!


Plenty of winter crops can still go into the vegie patch during April, including broccoli, cabbage, kale, carrot, spinach, silverbeet, broad beans, buk choy and Asian Greens as well as beetroot, peas, sugar snap, snow peas, spring onions, radish, leeks and lettuce. Mulch between the rows with lucerne, pea or sugar cane straw to suppress weeds and retain soil moisture.

Protect young plants from caterpillar damage (often the larvae of cabbage white butterfly), with regular sprays of Yates Caterpillar Killer.

Keep vegetables growing actively with weekly applications of Yates Thrive All Purpose Liquid Plant Food, which feeds through the leaves and the roots and encourages a bumper harvest.

Lettuce Winter Triumph

This cool weather variety has a large head and is full of flavour. If sown now, it will mature in 8-10 weeks – ideal for winter harvest. Hearting lettuce such as iceberg can be tricky in warmer weather, so give Winter Triumph a go now the weather is milder. Lettuce seeds are small and fine, so just lightly cover with Yates Seed Raising Mix after sowing and keep moist. Protect young lettuce seedlings from snails using Yates Blitzem Snail & Slug Pellets.

Yates Seed Tape Spring Onion ‘Straight Leaf’

How often do you buy a bunch of spring onions and only use a few, leaving the rest to go slimy in the bottom of the fridge? Spring Onions are an easy vegetable to grow at home and handy too, as you can harvest just a few at a time to add fresh into delicious dishes. Yates Seed Tapes take the guess work out of sowing, resulting in an evenly spaced crop. But don’t sow the whole length of tape at one time. Cut the tape into shorter lengths and stagger the sowing over several weeks. That way your crisp and crunchy spring onions are ready to harvest over a long season. If you like milder flavor, harvest when young and tender, more mature stems taste stronger.

Pumpkin Harvest

This season has been trying for some pumpkin growers, as wet and humid conditions contribute to diseases like powdery mildew. Tip – control powdery mildew on pumpkins with Yates Mancozeb Plus Garden Fungicide. Pumpkins are ripe and ready to harvest when the stalk withers. Leave a bit of the stalk in place and store pumpkins in a dry place, up off the floor (or even on the shed roof!) and allow plenty of air circulation around each one. Bundle up the remains of the vines and pile them onto the compost.


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