5 Top Tips for Starting your Vegetable Garden


Have you thought about growing your own fresh vegies but have never quite gotten around to it? Well, now’s the time to get growing!

Nurturing a vegetable garden at your house is very rewarding, and is a great activity for the entire family.

Here are the 5 top tips for beginners on how to start a vegetable garden from our very own Horticulturists!

1 – What to Grow

An important aspect of planning a vegetable garden is deciding what to grow. Be sure to plant a vegetable that the family loves so everyone can enjoy it when it’s harvest time. Also, the time of year will influence which vegetables are suitable for planting. Here is a great Yates Seeds Planting Calendar to help you.

2 – Look at your garden space

Before planting, consider the amount of space you have available. If you are short on space, creative container gardening will allow you to plant several varieties of vegetables even in a small space!

3- Feed and care for your vegies.

Learn how to use fertilisers, take care of pests and treat various diseases affecting the plants. There are lots of tips on the best fertiliser for your garden on the Yates website and the Yates My Garden App has a problem solver section that will help you identify and control pests and disease using low toxic controls. Weeding is important too, because weeds will compete with your vegies for nutrients and can harbour pests and disease spores. Learn how to identify weeds so you’re sure you aren’t removing your young vegetables with the Yates My Garden App.

4- Don’t give up

Vegetable gardening planning and creation is similar to cooking. You might get poor results in one season and there’ll be abundant growth in another. Natural factors, your hard work and the quality of the seeds you choose will affect the performance of your plants and the subsequent harvest. Don’t give up, even if your efforts do n’t give you the desired results on your first attempt.

5- Get everyone involved

Be sure to involve your kids and other interested family members in gardening. The whole experience should be a relaxing one. Often just being out in the garden will be an enjoyable experience that relieves stress.

Learning how to plant a vegetable garden is easy. But, maintaining it and achieving success is often the trickiest part. There are several practical issues you will encounter. But, the end result will be the happiness of eating the produce created from your own handiwork and knowledge. There is no satisfaction compared to that feeling.

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