Salad Alfalfa

Alfalfa or Lucerne is a real health food. It is rich in many nutrients, has high levels of vitamins and minerals. Excellent in salads.


Artichoke Green Globe

Globe shaped green fruit with a purplish base. Productive and good tasting. Perennial. Suits cool areas.


Asian Stir Fry Mix

Interesting mix of Asian leafy greens including tatsoi, Chinese broccoli, and Chinese cabbage varieties. Use in salads and stir fries.


Baby Beets

Baby Beets provide taste and satisfaction that can only be obtained from growing your own.  Pull beets while young and tender to obtain best taste.


Seed Tapes - Carrot 'Baby'

A petite superbly crisp and sweet variety.  Rich in vitamins and carotene.  Quick to grow.


Beetroot Dark Red (Organic)

This rich, red, globe-shaped favourite is sweet and tender. Yates organic seeds have been grown just as nature intended, under strictly-controlled, organic, chemical free conditions.


Beetroot 'Cylindra'

Produces long, slender roots that are ideal for slicing. Excellent colour and flavour. Good for pickling or cooked fresh.


Beetroot 'Derwent Globe'

A rich red, globe-shaped root.  Flesh is tender and sweet.  Ideal summer and winter vegetable.


Beetroot 'Super King'

This new hybrid variety of globe beet is quick to establish, and quick to develop to full size.


Burke's Backyard 'Italian Tomato'

Following his quest for a better tasting tomato, Don Burke selected this superb variety when in Italy.


Burke's Backyard Thai Chilli

Don Burke has specially selected this superb variety of chilli.


Cabbage 'Sugarloaf'

A conical shaped, sweet flavoured cabbage that is very early maturing.  Hardy and reliable.


Cabbage 'Sweet Eureka'

A sweet tasting variety with firm light green heads. Ideal for coleslaws.


Capsicum 'Colour Salad Selection'

A choice collection of colourful capsicums in various shapes and sizes including green, orange, red and purple. Superb for salads.


Capsicum 'Giant Bell'

Bright green glossy fruit changing to a lush red at maturity. Sweet and mild. Grows vigorously.