Yates Seeds: Are They GM?

We often hear from gardeners wondering if our seed products are ‘GM’ (genetically modified). The short answer is they are not, but we understand that some uncertainty remains. So, we’d love to offer some clarity on this topic by explaining what GM means – at least in the seed business.

Do Your Research…

Being such a divisive topic, often involving some distrust, it is important that you gather information from independent sources, so that you can build a well-rounded perspective for yourself. Consider whether the groups or individuals you are seeking information from have any legal or professional obligation to ‘back up’ their claims with evidence or reasoning. Is there any real risk to them if they did get it wrong?

We stand by the information and resources supplied on our own website, but if you are ever in doubt, it makes sense to at least start your research with independent and refereed sources. It is a hot-topic these days, so sadly false and incomplete information is readily available, particularly online.

GM, Hybrid, Heirloom?

There are only a small number of GM crops available globally and they are not typically part of a seed range designed for home gardeners.

Here is a quick explanation as to the three broad categories often referred to when talking seeds:

Yes, But Are Yates Seeds GM?

No, they aren’t. Our seed suppliers have advised us that all of the seeds used in our seed packets are produced via conventional methods and are not genetically modified.

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