Pumpkin to Snow Peas


Pumpkin Buttercup

Faster maturing and more compact growing than most pumpkins, Buttercup has a sweet, nutty flavour and relatively dry flesh


Pumpkin 'Butternut'

Bold, chunky, orange flesh with a nutty flavour and small seed cavity.  Hardy reliable variety, with heavy crop of 1-2kg size fruit.


Pumpkin 'Golden Nugget'

Is the ideal pumpkin to grow in limited spaces. The bush produces a good crop of medium-sized orange fruit of excellent flavour.


Pumpkin 'Hybrid Grey Crown'

A new generation!  Medium size, uniform shape.  A thin skin and small seed cavity provides plenty of solid orange flesh that is exceptionally sweet.


Pumpkin 'Queensland Blue'

Blue-grey ribbed skin surrounds rich orange flesh.  Firm and reliable.  Sweet and dry.  Can be stored for 5-6 months.



A favourite vegetable of southern Europe.  The compact heads have a piquant flavour, ideal for salads or in lightly steamed meals.


Radish 'French Breakfast'

Dapper little red and white fingers of crisp, tasty flesh.  Fast growing and versatile.


Radish 'Gentle Giant'

At last, a hybrid-quality radish that grows to a large size (up to 6cm across) without becoming stringy!  And it doesn’t get too hot if harvested late.


Radish 'Salad Crunch'

Plump, cherry-red globes of crisp white flesh.  Ideal salad variety.  Quick and easy to grow.  Great for children’s gardens.


Radish 'White Icicle'

Beautiful long snowy roots of crisp and tender flesh. Fast growing and ideal for summer salads or to garnish savoury trays.


Rockmelon 'Hales Best'

Bears lush, fleshy, sweet flavoured fruit. Easy-to-grow and ideal with ice-cream or in fruit salads.


Salad Alfalfa

Alfalfa or Lucerne is a real health food. It is rich in many nutrients, has high levels of vitamins and minerals. Excellent in salads.


Seed Tapes - Beetroot 'Detroit Red'

Rich red globes of tender and sweet flesh.  Quick to grow and full of flavour.  Ideal summer and winter vegetable.


Seed Tapes - Carrot 'Baby'

A petite superbly crisp and sweet variety.  Rich in vitamins and carotene.  Quick to grow.


Seed Tapes - Radish 'Red Rubin'

Plump, cherry red globes with crisp white flesh.  Quick and easy to grow.  An ideal salad variety, with a mild taste.


Seed Tapes - Spring Onion 'Straight Leaf'

A crisp and crunchy spring onion with tasty white stems and superb green leaves.  Popular variety that is quick to grow.


Seed Tapes - Carrot Manchester Table

Easily grown to 20cm in length, these cylindrical carrots are popular for their crisp, sweet, deep orange flesh.


Silverbeet 'Compact Deep Green'

A recently bred compact variety with short stems and large, highly convoluted leaves.  Excellent taste and texture.


Silverbeet 'Fordhook Giant'

Rich, dark green leaves with strong white stems.  A tasty and popular addition to any meal.  Rich in vitamins.


Silverbeet 'Perpetual Green'

Smooth green leaves on slender stalks.  A popular, tasty addition to any meal.  Long picking season.  Resists bolting to seed.


Silverbeet 'Ruby Chard'

Produces attractive bright red stems that have a distinctive and pleasant flavour.  Highly productive being suitable for continuous cutting.  Great in salads.


Snow Peas (Climbing)

A climbing variety producing edible, nutty flavoured pods, that are widely used in oriental cooking and in salads. A real delicacy.


Pumpkin Butternut (Organic)

This popular pumpkin has richly coloured, orange flesh with a nutty flavour and small seed cavity. A hardy and reliable variety, with a heavy crop of 1-2kg size fruit. Yates organic seeds have been grown just as nature intended, under strictly controlled, organic, chemical free conditions.


Radish Cherry Bell (Organic)

Plump, cherry-red globes with crisp white flesh. Ideal salad variety. Yates organic seeds have been grown just as nature intended, under strictly controlled, organic, chemical free conditions.


Silverbeet Fordhook Giant (Organic)

Large, dark green leaves with long, sturdy white stems. Easy to grow and rich in vitamins and iron. Yates organic seeds have been grown just as nature intended, under strictly controlled, organic, chemical free conditions.


Rhubarb Victoria

Thick green leaves with green stalks that are redder towards the base. Harvest from second growing season. Stems are cooked for a sweet dessert.


Silverbeet Rainbow Chard

Produces attractive coloured stems in yellow, gold, orange, pink, violet and striped green and white. Highly productive for continuous cutting. Great in salads and stir fries.