Courtyards & Containers

Apartment living does not mean you have to go without fresh Lettuces, Herbs and Tomatoes. Mid spring, with its consistently warm days and nights, is a good time to start seeds. Germination will be fast and the plants will make good progress, especially if they’re well watered with Thrive Plant Food.


Baby Beets

Baby Beets provide taste and satisfaction that can only be obtained from growing your own.  Pull beets while young and tender to obtain best taste.


Cress 'Salad Curled'

A prolific and refreshing herb. Its vivid green curls are ideal for garnishing. Easily grown in window boxes or pots. Tasty in salads or on sandwiches.


Lettuce 'Buttercrunch'

Loose leaf, light green nutty flavoured leaves. Good in warm climates.


Lettuce 'Salad Mix'

A real smorgasbord of our most popular lettuce varieties. From Cos types to tender and tasty Mignonettes, this mixture will satisfy and enhance your salads and gourmet dishes.


Mesclun 'French Salad Mix'

Grow all the leafy ingredients for a flavour-filled salad.  Mesclun Mix includes endive, corn salad, rocket, chicory and a selection of colourful lettuces.


Radish 'Salad Crunch'

Plump, cherry-red globes of crisp white flesh.  Ideal salad variety.  Quick and easy to grow.  Great for children’s gardens.


Spring Onion 'Straight Leaf'

A most welcome addition to the home garden range! This variety holds its stem and leaves straight upwards.


Tomato 'Small Fry'

Masses of sweet, bite-sized fruit on every plant. Ideal for summer salads, cocktail dishes, kebabs and as sweet treats for kids. An award-winning hybrid variety.


Tomato 'Tiny Tim'

Cherry tomato Tiny Tim produces heavy crops of sweet, cherry-sized fruit on dwarf bushes.  Ideal to grow in rockeries, pots, troughs and window boxes.