Companion Planting

Bring balance and harmony to your garden. By grouping different plants together you can combine beauty and purpose to create an enjoyable and healthy environment. Plants can take care of other plants by discouraging or attracting insects.

Sow nasturtiums around the base of fruit trees to deter codling moth, borers and woolly aphids. Plant them near vegetables to strengthen their natural pest resistance, and make an insect control spray by infusing nasturtium leaves in boiling water.

Sage can be grown as a border around vegetables to attract bees and repel many insect pests.

French Marigold (such as Yates Petite Yellow or Yates Safari Mixture) can be used in the garden to repel nematodes, white cabbage butterfly, whitefly and many other pests.


Basil 'Gourmet Mix'

A collection of Basil varieties including Thai Basil, Lemon Basil, Cinnamon Basil and Purple Basil for colour.


Calendula 'Pacific Beauty'

A beautiful winter display of warm colours in apricot, yellow, persimmon and orange.



Pretty daisy flowers on a low-growing plant with ferny foliage.



A versatile tasty herb. Can be used as garnish or flavouring in a variety of dishes, including salads, omelettes, soups and sandwiches.


Coriander 'Chinese Parsley'

Was used in the middle ages as an aphrodisiac. Now it is widely used for culinary purposes with leaves in salads.


Cress 'Salad Curled'

A prolific and refreshing herb. Its vivid green curls are ideal for garnishing. Easily grown in window boxes or pots. Tasty in salads or on sandwiches.



To the ancient Egyptians, a soothing medicine and even used in magic spells!  This versatile herb will add to many culinary delights.


Garlic Chives

Provides a mild, characteristic garlic taste.  Excellent with fish, poultry, eggs and in savoury sauces.


Marigold 'Cupid Mix'

A compact dwarf plant with large, softly-curled flowers in yellow, gold and orange.  Easy to grow.  Summer flowering annual.


Marigold 'Safari Mixture'

A beautiful blend of yellow, orange and scarlet colours.  Sturdy semi-dwarf plants carry a profusion of large, double blooms.


Mint Mix

A mixture of Spearmint, Curled Mint and Peppermint, each bringing a subtle and unique flavour to any meat or cooked vegetable dish.


Onion 'Hunter River White'

Good sized white globes of excellent texture.  A popular variety with good flavour.



Ancient Egypt’s great healing herb. Oregano has a sweet aromatic flavour. Its slightly bitter overtone makes it ideal in Italian & Spanish dishes.


Parsley 'Curled'

A decorative dark green plant. Compact and vigorous. Rich in Vitamins and Iron. Ideal for garnishes and flavouring.


Parsley 'Italian Plain Leaf'

An upright variety with coarser, wider leaves than the curled type.  The strong flavour is ideal for cooking.



Easy-to-grow leafy plant.  Harvest and steep leaves to make a soothing tea.  Natural antiseptic.


Spring Onion

A crisp and crunchy type with plump white, pungent stems and choice green leaves.  Popular variety.  Very versatile in salads, sandwiches and as a garnish.


Sweet Basil

The herb that inspires the chef to creative cuisine!  An annual with a sweet, spicy flavour that complements cooking.



The herb of courage and elegance.  Thyme is a most attractive ground cover and a very versatile culinary delight.