Sweet Peas


Sweet Pea ‘Bijou’

A low-growing bush with brilliantly-coloured blooms on long stems. Ideal for borders, containers and garden colour.


Sweet Pea ‘Blue Reflections’

Another glorious sweet pea from the world renowned breeder Dr Keith Hammett. Stunning coloured blooms to brighten your garden.


Sweet Pea ‘Brilliant Fragrance’

A delightful sweet pea bloom, with a brilliant fragrance. Soft cream petals change to a pastel pink as they mature.


Sweet Pea ‘Colorcade’

A blended colour mixture of the finest sweet peas. Early flowering and heavily perfumed, Colorcade produces masses of lightly frilled flowers on long stems.


Sweet Pea ‘Cupid’

A true dwarf sweet pea from world renowned breeder Dr. Keith Hammett. Striking pink bicolour blooms.


Sweet Pea ‘Old Fashioned’

Large, ruffled blooms that are heavily perfumed. Vigorous, heavy flowering variety that continues late in the summer season.


Sweet Pea ‘Original Species’

Although small, this species flower possesses unrivalled depth of colour and a scent that has no comparison.


Sweet Pea ‘Patricia Ann’

An unusual mix with each flower showing finely rippled "veins" of colour through the petals.


Sweet Pea ‘Pixie Princess’

A dwarf variety that will brighten your garden, window box or pots with a brilliant display of blooms on sturdy stems.


Sweet Pea ‘Potted Fragrance’

A beautifully scented, low growing mix of sweet peas most suited to window boxes, pots or as a garden border.


Sweet Pea May Gibbs Fairy

Dwarf, ground-covering plants produce bicoloured pink blooms in late spring and early summer.


Sweet Pea Pink Diana

Large fragrant blooms in shades of pink produce an eye-catching garden display