How To Tackle Scale


There are two main groups of scale insects, both of which suck the sap from stalks, leaves and stems!

1. Hard scale - has an oyster like coating and is difficult to control. Also known as amoured scale.

2. Soft scale - usually found on the mid-rib of leaves and stalks of host plants.


NOTE: There are other different types of scale and some scale insects are host specific, such as rose scale, white palm scale, gum tree scale and tea scale (camellias.) Others attack a variety of hosts such as white wax scale occurring on gardenias and citrus; and cottony cushion scale occurring on figs, rose, magnolias, grevilleas and citrus.

Citrus Leaf Miner

Have you noticed your citrus leaves curling? Perhaps they also have tiny silvery trails?

It’s likely you have citrus leaf miner!

Citrus leaf miner is the larvae of a tiny silvery white moth. It burrows into the leaves of your citrus plant and suck on the sap causing leaf distortion and fruit to drop!

Luckily there is a solution – spray leaves with Yates® Nature’s Way® Citrus & Ornamental Spray and repeat every 5 – 7 days as necessary. Best of all, it is approved for use in organic gardens.


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