Organic Pest & Disease Control

Sometimes despite our best efforts to keep our gardens healthy, pests and diseases can start to creep in.

Common pests include chewing insects like caterpillars and sucking insects like aphids, scale mites and whitefly. Common diseases include mildews and leaf spots.

When populations of insect pests are low, many can be controlled by ‘hand’, such as picking caterpillars off plants or squashing aphids on leaves. The more regularly you check your plants, the more likely you’ll spot insect problems before they get out of hand.

There are some beneficial insects that can also help to control insect pests, such as parasitic wasps that target caterpillars and ladybirds that eat aphids. Having a diverse range of different plants can also help to reduce insect pest numbers and attract beneficial insects.

However when insect pests numbers are large, they will need to be controlled to prevent significant damage to plants and to protect fruit and vegies. There are several organically certified products that enable home gardeners to control insect pests with soft, naturally based ingredients.

Click on the images below to learn more about some of the most common insect pests and how to control them organically:



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