Yates Thrive Natural Vegie & Herb Fish Blood & Bone Conc 2L

Yates Thrive Natural Vegie & Herb Fish Blood & Bone Conc 2L

Yates Thrive Vegie & Herb Natural Fish Blood & Bone+ is a complete plant food specially developed for boosting healthy growth and yield of vegies and herbs.


Yates Thrive All Purpose Liquid Fertiliser 2L Hose-on is a complete liquid plant food, suitable for all home garden plants and lawns.


  • Contains inorganic and more than 50% natural organic ingredients. (including Fish, Seaweed, Fish Blood & Bone, Humates).
  • Dual acting formula feeds both through leaves and roots for fast visible results.
  • Contains cold composted fish and seaweed.
  • Fish and seaweed in the formula is sustainably sourced from southern oceans (Australia).
  • The 2L hose-on ideal for those wanting to do large areas in one hit.


  • The inorganic nutrients provide a quick feeding boost and the natural organic ingredients provide a natural growth boost and also benefit the soil and roots to promote growth.
  • The special formula for vegie and herb provides the plant group the required nutrients they need for optimal growth of more delicious vegies and herbs.
  • The fortified elements give extra health, strength and vitality.
  • The non spill cap allows for easy non mess dosing.
  • Cold composting is a gentle extraction method that preserves more of the delicate growth boosting compounds and oils in seaweed and fish that naturally feed plants while boosting soil microbes and earthworm activity.
  • The fish is from a by-product from sustainably harvested fish stock.
  • The seaweed is harvested from naturally beach cast seaweed. Not stripped from growing areas that will have an environmental impact.
  • Easy application over large areas, no mixing required.


Formula has a specific NPK profile designed for vegie & herb:

N 8
P 1.8
K 5.5 + Calcium and iron and Trace Elements.

How to use

Directions for use

  • If needed, water the garden area or lawn before application to ensure soil is moist.
  • Shake bottle well before applying.
  • Connect hose to hose-on applicator. You will need to have a click-on hose connector.
  • Lift plastic flap at the front of applicator.
  • Turn on the tap using moderate to high water pressure. Water mixes automatically with the concentrate in the proper ratio.
  • Walk and spray at a steady pace whilst sweeping the spray back and fourth. Apply enough spray to wet leaves and/or drench the soil around the plants. Keep bottle upright – do not point to the ground.
  • After use, close flap to prevent spillage of any unused product. Always store upright.



Do not apply if maximum temperature exceeds 30 degrees or plants are suffering moisture stress.


Available sizes

  • 2L


Material Safety Data Sheet

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