• Treats up to 80sqm
  • Last for up to three months
  • Promotes strong root growth
  • Saves water

Lawns can be prone to heat and drought stress if they have shallow root systems which don’t grow down into moister and cooler soil. Promote deep root growth in lawns by watering thoroughly and deeply once or twice a week. Use Hortico Soil Wetter to enable the water to penetrate more easily down into the root zone.

Hortico Soil Wetter contains a special blend of coir and wetting agent. The wetting agent is released in small amounts during rainfall or watering to aid in deep water penetration. This not only saves water, but also improves plant survival during dry times.



  • 8L


  • Coir peat, wetting agent

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Weeds compete with plants for water so remove weeds before they flower and start to spread. 

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