Waterwise Products

Whether you have a big lawn or small balcony garden, here are our favourite products to help you save water and keep your garden happy!

In preparation for summer, whether you’re in a drought affected area or receiving lots of rain, we've put together our favourite waterwise tips.



Yates Waterwise Storage Crystals

These crystals absorb up to 400 times their own weight in water. This water is then released back to the plants over time as they require it.

Yates 30L Waterwise Soil Wetter for Lawns, Gardens & Pots

Rich formula containing coir peat and wetting agent.

Munns Professional Smart Wetter Lawn Wetter

Munns Professional Smart Wetter Lawn Wetter is designed to both retain water and alleviate hydrophobic conditions within the soil profile during dry periods.

Munns Weta-Lawn and Garden

Munns Weta-Lawn and Garden traps moisture in the soil and can be used on the whole garden.

Waterwise Tips 

Waterwise Garden Tips

No doubt, growing a beautiful garden in drought conditions is always going to be challenging but it can be made easier with a mix of healthy soil, the right plants and water saving tips.

Drought Tolerant Plants

Some plants will cope better in a drought than others, but that doesn’t mean that you should only plant cacti! We have lots of great suggestions to add to your garden that don't need alot of water.

Using greywater in the garden

Greywater can be a valuable source of water to use in the garden, particularly during dry conditions. Learn how and where to use grey water at your place.

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