• Hybrid vigour
  • Good leaf cover
  • Great all rounder

Seed Count

How to grow


Full sun


Raise in trays of Yates Seed Raising Mix. Gently firm down and keep moist. Transplant when 7cm high.


Choose a sunny, well-drained position where cabbages, cauliflowers have not grown for 2 years. Add Yates Blood & Bone before planting. Apply Yates Thrive Soluble Fertiliser regularly for best growth. Protect from snails and slugs with Yates Blitzem. Control leaf-eating grubs with a Yates caterpillar killer (Success or Dipel) or a Yates Vegetable Dust (Derris).


Great companion plant for beans, beets, celery, coriander, cucumber, marigold, peas, potatoes & tomatoes. As curd develops, fold leaves over the top to prevent yellowing.

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