• Contains bio stimulants and trace elements to support strong growth of cuttings and seedlings

  • Contains organic matter and wetting agent to help spread water evenly through the mix

  • Contains controlled release fertiliser that will feed your plants for up to 6 months

  • Available in a 2.5L resealable stand up bag

Yates Specialty Potting Mix Cuttings & Seeds is specially formulated for establishing plant cuttings, effective seed germination and seedling growth. The mix is suitable for germinating vegetable, flower and herb seeds and establishing softwood (e.g., Lavender and most Indoor Pants) and hardwood (e.g., Rose) cuttings.


How to use

Directions for use

Propagating cuttings:

Step 1: Fill container with Yates Specialty Potting Mix Cuttings & Seeds, water well and allow to drain.

Step 2: Select fresh cuttings, 5 - 10 cm in length, from healthy plants.

Step 3: Prepare cuttings by removing the leaves from the bottom half of the stem and trim as required.

Step 4: Make a hole in the mix with a pencil or dibbler to the required depth (usually 2 - 4 cm).

Step 5: Dip the cut end into a suitable root growth stimulant such as Yates Plant Cutting Powder, Yates Clonex Red or Purple Rooting Gel and carefully insert into hole. Firm around it gently.

Step 6: Water well and allow to drain.

Step 7: Place in a sheltered position, out of direct sunlight. To maintain humidity and warmth, enclose the container in a plastic bag or mini greenhouse. Keep moist, not wet.

Step 8: Once roots have formed, remove cover and gradually harden off the plant before transplanting.


Raising seed in containers:

Step 1: Fill container with Yates Specialty Potting Mix Cuttings & Seeds to 1 cm below rim of the container.

Step 2: Level and gently firm the mix.

Step 3: Sow seed as directed and lightly cover with a thin layer of the mix to the planting depth specified.

Step 4: Water gently with a fine mist so the seeds are not dislodged. Keep mix moist, not wet.

Step 5: Place in a warm, light position out of direct sunlight. Do not allow mix to dry out.

Step 6: Once germinated, gradually move the seedlings into areas with more light to harden off.

Step 7: Transplant seedlings when big enough to handle or when roots start to show through bottom of tray.




Always keep product in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children and pets.

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