Imagine a lawn that could do almost anything, well look no further than Arid Smartgrass. Arid Smartgrass is a multi-functional, versatile lawn seed that is suitable for a wide range of conditions.

Arid Smartgrass is evergreen, will grow from acidic to alkaline soils in sand and clay and grows in full sun to 80% shade.

It is easy to mow, non-invasive, non-thatching, and drought tolerant.

The root system of Arid Smartgrass can grow to a depth of 1 metre (depending on soil type). Arid Smartgrass is the most drought tolerant of the cool season grasses but will require more water in summer than Couch or Kikuyu varieties. Arid Smartgrass is much more drought tolerant than Budget type mixes.

Use the calculator below to calculate how much product is required to sow a new lawn.



  • 400g = 10m2 new lawn coverage or 20m2 oversow coverage
  • 1kg = 25mnew lawn coverage or 50m2 oversow coverage
  • 2.5kg = 62mnew lawn coverage or 124m2 oversow coverage
  • 25kg = 625mnew lawn coverage or 1250m2 oversow coverage

Munns Weta Lawn and Garden with trace elements to assist your lawn during establishment.

Munns Arid Smartgrass
Contains By Count Minimum Germination
Tall Fescue 100% 90%


How to use

The Arid Smartgrass Lawn Seed is easy to use. See below our recommended directions for application on new lawns and over sow.

Directions for new lawns

  • Soil is to be evenly graded, well drained and level.
  • Lightly rake the area one way to create furrows and mix lawn seed with Munns Superstart Lawn Starter Fertiliser, broadcast evenly over the area and lightly rake in the opposite direction.
  • Keep the top 1cm of soil moist at all times during germination using a fine mist spray.
  • Mowing your new lawn should take place at approximately 4 - 5 weeks when seedlings are about 5 – 6cm high. Remove only 1cm from the tips and after 5 – 6 weeks fertilise your new lawn with Munns Golf Course Green Lawn Fertiliser.
  • The best time to sow is Spring and Autumn.
  • The most common failure in raising a new lawn from seed is lack of moisture during the germination period. Munns have addressed this problem by mixing their unique Weta-Lawn with their seed.

Directions for over sow

  • Cut existing lawn down close.
  • Mix seed with Munns Superstart Lawn Starter Fertiliser and broadcast evenly over the given area.
  • Lightly top dress this with more than 1cm of sandy loam. This enables seed soil contact for better germination.
  • Keep the top 1cm of soil moist at all times during germination using a fine mist spray.

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