Kill Ants & Cockroaches with just 1 product! Yates Home Pest Ant & Cockroach Destroyer Granule Bait attracts and kills pests, and eradicates the nest.


  • Attracts & kills ants and cockroaches
  • Kill 2 pests with just 1 product – great value and covers up to 100m2
  • Kills the pests you see and the ones you can't
  • Kills the ants, and cockroaches, and the nest! The pest is attracted to the bait, and then transfers it to the colony, eradicating pests in the nest
  • Professional bait technology superior to standard contact-killer ant sands
  • Shaker cap for easy application outdoors and indoors. Best applied in cracks and crevices, near ant mounds or around areas of pest activity

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