Munns Betta Bloom Fertiliser is a complete NPK fertiliser for use on established plants. It contains certified organic wetting agent, which will trap moisture around the plants. It can also be used on established roses, tomatoes, vegetables, citrus and stone fruit.

Munns Betta Bloom Fertiliser has a balanced supply of major nutrients with added trace elements for healthy and sustained growth and has a combination of soluble nutrients for instant nutrient availability and an organic base to provide a slow release of organic nutrients.

Betta Bloom® Plus Fertiliser is so easy to apply and available in 5kg and 10kg bags, which includes a free measure scoop.

The 5kg will feed 50 established roses or 100 potted roses. It is also ideal for tomatoes, vegetables, citrus and stone fruit and contains our organic wetting agent.



  • 1L = 100m2
  • 2L = 1000m2
Munns Betta Bloom Fertiliser
Nitrogen (N) 10
Phosphorus (P) 2
Potassium (K) 12

Safety Data Sheet

How to use

Munns Betta Bloom Fertiliser is easy to use. Apply evenly to soil at the first sign of new growth and water in well. To reduce watering around the garden use Munns Organic Weta-Lawn and Garden. See below our recommended directions for application for different areas in the garden.

Suggested application:


  • 100g or 1 level scoop per square metre pre plant and incorporate well into soil. Reapply every 6 – 8 weeks thereafter and water in well.

Citrus and Stone Fruit

  • 100g per square metre of canopy in Spring and Autumn. Spread evenly under the canopy of the tree and water in well


  • Betta Bloom can be used on tough natives like Bottle Brush, Melaleuca's, Lilly Pilli's etc but on the smaller softer types with the lower Phosphorus it would be suitable on the more general hardy natives but would be wise to feed with care. In most instances it is not the fertiliser but the plant it’s being used on.


  • Established rose bushes 100g or one level scoop per square metre every 6 – 8 weeks, apply at least 15cm from base of plant and water in well. Potted roses Apply 25g or ¼ scoop per average sized pot, or 35g or 1/3 scoop for larger pots every 6 months and water in well.

Azaleas and Camellias

  • Betta Bloom can be used on these plants but since azaleas are gentle feeders they will need less. Camellias can be fed twice a year.

Bare root plants

  • When planting any bare root plants especially roses, do not apply for the first 6 weeks then start a feeding program.

Potted plants

  • Betta Blooom is also great on potted plants, the smaller the pot the less is needed to avoid burning. On large pots a good application 3 to 4 times a year is recommended, water well after any application to either the garden or pots.

Other general garden plants

  • Just about all other general garden plants can be fed 3 times a year with Betta Bloom. With new seedlings once their established, a side dressing prior to the first flowers gives bigger and more flowers. Also feeding bulbs prior to flower appearance and again before the flowers finish to build up the bulbs ready for next seasons flowering is a good tip. When planting out potted plants, apply to the soil surface after planting between half to one scoop depending on the plant size.

David Cooper’s tip: Never apply any fertiliser to dry soils, always water well first.


  • This product is made from natural organic materials and therefore contains a variety of living micro-organisms. We recommend that you wear gloves when handling and remember to wash your hands thoroughly after working in the garden.
  • Do not apply to foliage or flowers of roses.
  • Do not apply to bare rooted or newly planted roses.
  • Do not apply to natives.


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