Munns Betta Bloom for Citrus is a complete NPK fertiliser formulated to use on established and potted Citrus. 

Munns Betta Bloom for Citrus has a balanced supply of major nutrients with added trace elements for healthy and sustained growth for Citrus. It has a combination of soluble nutrients for instant nutrient availability and an organic base to provide a slow release of organic nutrients.

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Munns Betta Bloom for Citrus
Nitrogen (N) 10
Phosphorus (P) 2
Potassium (K) 12

Safety Data Sheet

How to use

Application Rates:

Apply Munns Betta Bloom for Citrus evenly to soil at the first sign of new growth and water in well.


Apply 125g or 1 ¼ scoops for every year of the tree’s age at each application per square metre of canopy/dripline of the tree and water in well. Apply every 6-8 weeks from July until March.


Apply 35gm or 1/3 scoop per average sized pot, or 45gm or ½ scoop for larger pots every 3-4 weeks and water in well. Apply from July to January. 


Before watering the fertiliser in well, sweep any product off driveways, paths, pavers etc as the product may stain.



  • This product is made from natural organic materials and therefore contains a variety of living micro-organisms. We recommend that you wear gloves when handling and remember to wash your hands thoroughly after working in the garden.
  • Do not apply to foliage of Citrus.
  • Do not apply to native plants.

Please refer to our Safety Data Sheet.

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