Lighter in smell than original Yates Dynamic Lifter and once applied and watered in, the smell reduces quicker. Great for pots, on patios and balconies or areas where you may be concerned using the original Dynamic Lifter products. Yates Dynamic Lifter Reduced Odour Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser is still packed with all the organic goodness of our unique blend of natural ingredients. It breathes life into your soil by adding organic matter and encourages microbial and earthworm activity, and the nutrients are released slowly so they don’t burn the roots of your plants.


  • Lighter in smell compared to original Dynamic Lifter and smell reduces quicker once watered in
  • Can be applied in close suburban backyards, on balconies and in pots or planters
  • Is pelletised making it easy to apply and enabling slow release of nutrients
  • Feeds your plants and increases your soils organic matter
  • Improves moisture and nutrient retention of soils
  • Is free of weeds

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