• Australia’s bestselling and most trusted gardening book has been fully revised and updated. A must-have gardening bible for beginners, green-thumbs and every gardener in between.
  • With over 7 million copies sold, the YATES GARDEN GUIDE is Australia’s bestselling gardening book.
  • This new edition of the ever-popular Yates Garden Guide will help today’s gardeners tame big backyards, grow productive edible gardens, create stylish outdoor retreats, make the most of small spaces, grow fabulous indoor plants and have a lush green lawn.  
  • With chapters on planning gardens, choosing feature plants and growing trees, shrubs, fruit, vegetables, flowers, indoor plants and lawns, the new Yates Garden Guide provides details on more than 1000 exotic and native plants, advice on soils, climate, planting, feeding and maintaining gardens, guides on what to sow and grow throughout the year, and comprehensive problem-solving charts to help you identify and deal with all kinds of pests and diseases.
  • Sections on water-saving gardens, community gardens, organic gardening, keeping chooks, encouraging beneficial birds and insects, growing native plants, establishing kitchen gardens, and keeping healthy indoor plants have been expanded and updated to cater for modern living arrangements - in apartments and smaller spaces - and to reflect increasing interest in homegrown produce and environmentally friendly gardening.
  • Full of comprehensive, reliable and practical gardening advice for experienced green thumbs and keen beginners alike, the Yates Garden Guide is the essential companion for every gardener.

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