Poa annua


What is Winter Grass?

Wintergrass (Poa annua) is a common weed in many lawns across Australia. It is a lush lime green tufted weed with boat shaped leaf tips. Generally identified by lawn lovers due to its different growth habit and colour in comparison to their normal grass, and when it sets its small creamy white seed heads.

Wintergrass is a prolific producer of seed and with so many seeds being produced there is subtle naturally occurring variations in each one. This differentiation has allowed Wintergrass to adapt to a huge range of conditions, how it grows in the gaps between concrete slabs is a testament to its ability to grow, but this also makes it a very difficult weed to control.

Although it is commonly called “Winter” grass it can persist year round in the cooler areas of Australia and usually germinates when the soil temperature reaches around 12 degrees. For most areas of Australia this is in both Autumn as the soil cools and again in Spring as the soil warms up. Established Wintergrass sets its seed in late Spring as temperatures begin to warmup. However, due to its variability in biotypes, if you have had it in past years you may found a type that sets seed year round.

How to control Wintergrass in your lawn?

So how to deal with a pest that is so genetically variable. The first and one of the best ways to combat Wintergrass is to reduce its chances to infiltrate your lawn. Ensuring you have a thick dense lawn reduces the chances for new seeds to germinate through the lawn. Keeping your lawn healthy by fertilising 3-4 times per year can drastically reduce your numbers.

No matter how hard you try there is often going to be thin areas of turf that are shaded by either your house, fence or trees and hedges. These shaded areas are slower to dry out, creating the perfect environment for germination of Wintergrass.

You can get winter grass under control with Munns Professional Winter Grass Killer. It contains propyzamide, which is both a pre-emergent (prevents) and post emergent (kills) herbicide and works by binding with the soil and being taken up and killing new winter grass roots as the seeds germinate.

We show you how to control winter grass with Munns Professional Winter Grass Killer:

Apply in early autumn to prevent winter grass seed from developing or during autumn and winter to control winter grass seedlings.

Munns Professional Winter Grass Killer is safe for use on Kikuyu, Buffalo, Couch and Queensland Blue couch. Be sure to read the label for directions on how to use as Queensland Blue is less tolerant to the herbicide and the application is best split into two applications (4 weeks apart).

Munns Professional Winter Grass Killer comes in a 2.4L hose-on which covers 240m2 and has an easy to use on/off switch.

We show you how easy it is to use with the innovative on/off switch.

For more information on Munns Professional Winter Grass Killer visit here.

Other common names for wintergrass include annual meadow grass (UK), Poa (trade), annual bluegrass (US).

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