Soliva pterosperma

What is Bindii

Bindii is an annual weed which looks like a small ferny rosette about 20mm in diameter. Flowers are a tiny greenish-yellow. Seeds germinate in autumn but the bindii doesn’t put on much growth until spring. By the middle of spring each rosette of leaves contains a flower head with many spines. Seeds mature and drop from the plant by about the middle of summer. Bindii seed is spread by foot traffic or on the fur of animals. The best time for control is when the plants are putting on their flush of growth during spring. 

When the seed heads have formed, uptake of herbicide is limited and control is usually not very successful.


Plants impacted

  • Lawns and turf


How to protect your plants

Control can be achieved with a number of products specific.  They include BuffaloPRO (MCPA and Bromoxynil) and Bindii & Clover Weeder (MCPA and Dicamba).  The weedkillers listed in the last three sections can be used on most lawn grasses. They should not be used o lawns composed of mixtures that include strawberry clover or white clover.  Buffalo lawns are easily damaged by weedkillers, so exercise caution and read the label carefully before application. Be sure to only use products such as BuffaloPRO which are safe for use on buffalo lawns.

Recommended product

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