Tetranychus urticae

What are Two Spotted Mites?  

Mites are related to spiders as they have four pairs of legs. Tiny pinkish-red mites cluster on the underside of leaves often producing fine webbing. Two spotted mites overwinter in protected places.

Two spotted mites are active in hot dry weather when the life cycle from eggs to adults is completed in a week. For this reason, mites can develop resistance to pesticides fairly quickly.

The mites dislike moist humid conditions so overhead watering can be useful as a control. Mites are often found on plants that are growing in dry situations, (eg. indoors.)



Yellow mottling or bronzing of the leaves similar to lace bug damage. Significant distortion of flower and leaf buds. Fine webbing can be seen on heavy infestations. Severe infestations can cause defoliation of affected plant parts.


Plants impacted

  • Fruit trees (apples, pears, peaches)
  • Vegetables (tomatoes, beans, vine crops)
  • Ornamentals (azaleas, roses, marigolds)

Recommended products to control Two Spotted Mites

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