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What are Hibiscus Flower Beetles?

Hibiscus flower beetles are oval in shape and around 3mm in size. 
They are particularly shy and generally hide in the folds of the flowers. Hibiscus beetle chew holes in both the flowers as well as the foliage of hibiscus and related plants such as abutilon. Tattered foliage and flowers give a general look of poor health and stress the plants.


How to Protect Your Plants Against Hibiscus Flower Beetles

The beetles are active during flowering periods and can produce many generations each year. 

The beetles don't enjoy the brighter coloured flowers, preferring the pale colours or white flowers. If found, remove the flowers from the tree and dispose of them. Give the hibiscus a regular feed with Yates Thrive Natural Roses & Flowers Pelletised Plant Food to assist with future flower production and reduce the overall stress on the plant.



Affected flowers will open with chew holes and the foliage can also show signs of damage too. Healthy plants will detect the hibiscus beetle and drop the damaged flower buds, so if you notice flowers falling prematurely it can usually be taken as a sign of the beetle’s presence.


Plants Impacted

  • Hibiscus

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