What is Sunburn

Sunburn may affect plants that are exposed to very hot weather. Spray in the morning with Yates Droughtshield before hot weather arrives.



Damaged or burnt flowers or foliage after hot weather.


How to Protect your plants

Keep plants well watered and provide shade if necessary during very hot weather. 


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Brown Patch

Brown Patch is caused by a fungus and usually occurs in late spring, summer and autumn when the weather is warm and humid.

Peach Leaf Curl

Leaf Curl is a fungal disease which overwinters in the crevices of the tree bark and around the buds. One or two well timed applications for most stone fruits should control the disease.

Frangipani Rust

Talk to Yates for the right product to protect and treat frangipani rust. We have the experience and expertise to help you get the best results with our products.