Warm season grasses

These grasses grow best in late spring, summer and early autumn.

  • Couch - a hard wearing lawn that survives with little care. A running grass that can be established from seed, runners or turf. Only germinates reliably when temperatures are between 20 and 30 degrees celsius. Hates shade and likes a soil pH of 6- 7. Many cultivars available from turf suppliers. Hybrids are also available.
  • Kikuyu - A fast growing running grass that is vigorous and needs to be regularly mown to keep it as a good looking lawn. Takes a small amount of shade. Can be established from runners, seed and turf.
  • Buffalo - Running grass that forms a dense, coarse textured lawn that is hard wearing but slow growing. Grown from turf or runners. Newer cultivars (e.g. ‘Palmetto’ are softer and have improved shade tolerance).
  • Carpet Grass - Running grass with broad leaves. Best grown in subtropical or tropical areas. It is tolerant of acid soils but is regarded as a weed in finer turf.
  • Queensland Blue - A fine-leafed running grass that suits frost-free districts and has fine blue-green leaves. Queensland Blue Couch is for the warm climate lawn enthusiast and can be established from seeds or turf.
  • Durban Grass (Sweet smother grass) – Shade-tolerant running grass. Grow from turf or runners. Suits warmer climates. Mow high. Slow growing and not hard wearing.
  • ZoysiaA recently released grass type that is said to have good wear and drought tolerance..

Cool season grasses

Grow best in autumn and spring. Keep well-watered during hot summers.

  • Fine Fescue - This grass is often mixed with other grasses to form a fine turf. It is normally grown from seed.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass - Grown from seed. It is usually only available in seed mixtures. Spreads by underground runners so is self-repairing if damaged.
  • Bent - A fine textured lawn grass that has relatively high maintenance requirements. Can be established from runners or turf.
  • Tall Fescue - Tall fescue is a cool season turf grass that is most commonly grown from seed and is often found as a seed blend with Kentucky Bluegrass. .
  • Ryegrasses - Fine-leafed perennial ryegrasses are most often included in seed mixes. They germinate readily and grow quickly but need good watering during dry periods. Usually grown from seed.

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