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Here are some handy tips for mowing your lawn and keeping your grass in good health.

Lawn Mowing Tips

  • New lawns should be allowed to develop good leaf are before the first cut (at least five centimetres tall).
  • Never mow too low. Don’t remove more than one third of the leaf in any one mowing.
  • Don’t mow when it’s very hot or very wet.
  • Remove lawn clippings or use a mulching mower.
  • Keep mowing equipment clean and in good condition.
  • Wear suitable clothes and safe footwear.
  • Watchout for thatch. Thatch is the build up of old grass and other dead material that collects at the base of the grass plants. Scraping it away will allow air movement around the grass plants and reduce the incidence of disease.

Caring for your lawn

Autumn lawn care tips

Early autumn’s the best time of the year to make improvements to the lawn. It’s the perfect season for seeding, laying new turf, feeding and controlling weeds.

Refresh your lawn

With a little bit of work in spring, you can give your lawn a great head start for the growing season ahead.

Lawn Watering Tips

How Much Water to Use. When watering an established lawn, it's typically recommended to water until the top 6-8 inches of soil (where most turf grass roots grow) is wet.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Lawn diseases can be hard to diagnose as signs can be similar to other lawn problems such as damage from insect pests like curl grubs and armyworm. Here are some winter lawn care tips to keep your lawn in check.

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