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Ever wondered how often you should be watering your lawn? Check out our lawn watering tips below

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When Watering always refer to and follow your state’s water restrictions.

When should I water my lawn? 

Water your lawns in the early morning before 10am.  Particularly with lawns this is the best time to water as night watering can increase the amount of leaf wetness which causes fungal problems in all lawn types. However, common sense must prevail, if you can't water in the morning of cause water at night.

How much water should I apply?

Give your lawn longer, deeply penetrating watering that wets the soil to a considerable depth, this encourages deep rooting and results in a more vigorous, higher quality turf. To see how deep you have watered use a shovel to slice down the soil, you won’t need to do this once you get the hang of watering.

How often should I water? 

Short frequent waterings throughout hot weather will cause shallow rooting of the lawn. This leads to poor access to water and nutrients which makes the lawn more susceptible to weed invasion, fungal diseases and pest damage. It is best to water 1-3 times a week dependent on grass type and location.

What should I do if water is pooling or running off?

Your lawn is likely suffering from hydrophobicity where an organic layer forms around your soil making it impossible to wet, this can be resolved by applying a wetting agent like Munns Professional Smart Wetter.

Is greywater safe to use on the lawn?

Yes greywater is better used on your lawn than other plants as it is not as sensitive to some of the nasties in greywater. For best results though it is best to treat your water with a biocide like Yates greywater fertiliser to kill bacteria. 

How can I reduce my water usage on my lawn?

There are many ways to save on water usage on your lawn.

  • Use a hose on fertiliser like Yates Buffalo Pro Hose on

  • Treat weeds which compete for moisture with a spot sprayer like Yates weedkiller for Lawns Spot Spray or a concentrate like Yates Buffalo Pro Weed Killer Concentrate.

  • When you are due to water apply a fertiliser, a healthier lawn is less likely to suffer from moisture stress

  • Apply Munns Professional Root regenerator to develop deeper reaching roots which reaches deeper water.

  • Replace your lawn with a type of grass more tolerant of hot and dry conditions like Munns Professional Couch or Munns Professional Kikuyu

  • Raise the mowing height for your lawn. An increase in mowing height encourages a deeper root system, the longer leaf also creates better shading of the soil which helps to reduce evaporation. .

  • Install a rain gauge or a weather app to track past and future rain.

  • Check for lawn pests as their damage to the lawn roots can appear as a dry lawn. Pests such as African Black Beetle may damage your roots in Spring.

  • Relieve hydrophobic soils are very common and develop after both high or low periods of rainfall. If an area is patchy compared to the rest of your lawn, water this area thoroughly, dig a hole, if it stays dry you need to apply a wetting agent like Munns Professional Smart Wetter.  

Does my new lawn require more watering?

A newly planted lawn will take up to 12 months before it has established a deep enough root system to achieve its maximum drought tolerance.  Therefore, your lawn will require more watering during its first summer to enable it to develop to the fullest drought tolerant potential.

How often should I water lawn seed during germination?

The amount of water required depends on:

• Soil type 
• Wind 
• Temperatures

Keeping the top 5cm moist at all times is the best way to achieve good germination. This generally requires 4 waterings per day if no rain, with a fine hose attachment so you don't wash the seed away or into clumps, keeping the top 2cm moist at all times.

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