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You’ll find common broadleaf weeds such as clover, soursob, thistles and dandelions in abundance.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to deal with these broadleaf weeds using either Munns Buffalo Booster Triple Lawn Treatment or Munns Quick Fix.

You can use either of these products to remove weeds from your lawn and the best thing about them? They are time savers!

Munns tip: Both the Buffalo Booster Triple Lawn Treatment and Quick Fix can be used on all lawn varieties. 

They are 3-in-one applications – weeding, feeding and saving water. Both products contain the active ingredients of Iron, Nitrogen and Sulphur plus an organic wetting agent.

Directions for application

  • Apply to a moist lawn spreading as evenly as possible. It’s important to wear gloves when using, avoid getting the product on your driveway etc to avoid any iron staining, spread on the lawn only.
  • It’s best to apply on fine days as this triggers the iron into working its best.

Munns tip: One way you’ll know there’s a good weed kill is your lawn will turn black, yes black, for a few days before returning to a bright green (when the fertiliser kicks in!)

  • Make sure the product is watered in thoroughly 48 hours after application.

The wetting agent helps the active ingredients work better with a higher weed kill rate as it holds the fertiliser nutrients around the turf roots and it helps retain valuable moisture meaning you don’t need to water so often.

It’s a quick and easy way to kill your weeds, feed your lawn and save water at the same time. If you want the best, it must be Munns.

Buffalo Booster Triple Lawn Treatment

Available in 10kg bag and will cover up to 150sqm.
This product is available at Bunnings.

Quick Fix 

Available in 5kg bag and will cover up to 75sqm.
This product is available at Mitre 10, Masters, Stratco, independent hardware stores and garden centres.

Watch our latest featured segment on In the Garden with Kim Syrus, which showcases our Quick Fix here. 

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