PRTN Summer Lawn

Whether it’s preparing your lawn for the festive season and holidays or helping it recover from backyard games and parties, here are some summer lawn care tips to help create a beautiful lush green lawn.

Step 1: Give the lawn a good feed

A lovely green lawn is very inviting, so to encourage deep green growth apply an organic based lawn food like Yates Dynamic Lifter Concentrated Lawn Food.  It has fast acting nutrients to help green up the lawn and concentrated organic matter to help promote long term soil health.


Step 2: Aeration

If your lawn has been well and truly ‘loved’ over summer and been trampled by lots of happy feet (and paws) then it will benefit from being aerated. Aeration will help loosen up hard and compacted soil underneath the lawn, make it easier for water and air to penetrate down into the roots and makes it physically easier for grass roots to grow.

Aerating the lawn is as easy as pushing a garden fork down through the grass and around 10 cm deep into the soil, then gently lever the form back and forth a little to open up the holes the fork tines have made. Do this multiple times over the lawn. For large lawns, mechanical aerators or corers can be hired.


Step 3: Soil wetting

After loosening up the soil, a quick and easy application of hose-on Yates Waterwise™ Soil Wetter over the lawn will help break down the waxy, water repellent layer that often develops on the soil surface during the warmer months. Applying a soil wetter will help get the moisture evenly and deeply down below the soil surface and into the grass root zone where it’s needed.


Step 4: Pre-holiday weed control

Don’t come back from holidays to a lawn full of weeds! Before you head off on a summer break, control common broadleaf weeds like thistles and dandelions with easy to apply hose-on herbicides. If you have a couch or kikuyu lawn use Yates Weed’n’Feed® and if you have a buffalo lawn, apply Yates Buffalo PRO® Weed’n’Feed. Both are boosted with nutrients to help green up the lawn.


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