Lush green lawns and beautiful gardens have been a part of the Australian life for a long time and summer is a great time of year to be outdoors. But with the heat rising, your garden can become quite dry and damaged without the right care. With the conservation of water becoming more important, the use of using water efficiently becomes more essential.

Some key points to remember this summer is that lawn care begins from mowing the lawn, to correct watering and fertilising of the lawn.

Below are some ideas and tips to help your garden look its best during the warmer months. 

Planting a new lawn

Summer is a perfect time to plant warm season grasses, and for the Northern states NSW, QLD, NT, WA we recommend Munns Professional Pure Kikuyu Premium Seed Blend or Munns Professional Couch Lawn Seed these can be used for both patch repair or for a whole new lawn.

For the southern states such as Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and ACT you can also have success seeding new lawns in Summer using a cool season variety, you just may need a little more water. Choose Munns Professional Sun & Shade Lawn Seed for best results.  

Each Munns Professional pack contains the perfect combination of seed, fertiliser and wetting agent so all you have to do is peel the lid from the top, shake the box on the prepared soil, water and watch your lawn grow. 

Please also check with you state’s water board for applicable water restrictions.

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Munns Professional Couch Lawn Seed

Professional Couch Lawn Seed blend is a fine textured, hard wearing, rich green lawn that is ideal for high wear areas often associated with pets or children. It is drought tolerant and self repairing and will germinate within 5-7 days*.

Munns Professional Sun & Shade Lawn Seed

Munns Professional Sun & Shade lawn seed blend is a premium turf grade seed blend, coated in an advanced germination booster coating, to provide germination within 5-7 days*.

More Lawn Tips & Advice

Summer lawn care tips

Whether it’s preparing your lawn for the festive season and holidays or helping it recover from backyard games and parties, here are some summer lawn care tips to help create a beautiful lush green lawn.

Refresh your lawn

With a little bit of work in spring, you can give your lawn a great head start for the growing season ahead.