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She Shopped is a website about shopping great brands. This is a cover they did on Munns Golf Course Green in Spring 2015; Munns has been given the She Shopped seal of approval! For the original article, click here.


For 15 years, while my husband was playing AFL, he used to say he couldn’t get out in the garden, in case he pulled a hamstring. I’m serious, he actually said that! Now that he is retired, and that excuse is redundant, I’ve been nurturing his inner ‘green thumb’ and encouraging him to get out into our garden. Turns out he actually likes it and his hamstring is still intact.

Four years ago, we moved from a house with no garden, to one with a big one, so we had to get schooled up on the garden basics quickly. We learnt early on if you want a strong, green lawn, spring is a great time to fertilise! We’ve always used Munns Golf Course Green. My dad used it when I was growing up, so I guess my trust for the brand started then. It’s achieved such great results in our backyard over four years, I’ve never looked for an alternative.

It is an organically enriched fertiliser – made here in Australia for Australian conditions. It helps your lawn to survive…even thrive, when it’s hot and dry.

I love Munns Golf Course Green because it rapidly greens our lawns and makes our garden look lush. I also find it reduces the weed in our lawns, which were becoming an issue for our dogs. The weed seeds were getting stuck in their paws and coats. Regular fertilising has stopped that.

Feeding your lawn with a quality fertiliser also has long-term benefits – greening the lawn and encouraging deep root growth. A well-fed lawn has less weeds, less pests and less disease so feeding your lawn 3-4 times per year for around $20* (covers 100sqm) each time will actually save you time and money in the long run.

We have a lot of lawn and we have found regular fertilising has reduced our water usage. Munns Golf Course Green includes a wetting agent – Munns Weta-Lawn. The wetting agent is a unique solution that further enhances the efficiency of the fertiliser. Correct fertilising and watering will ensure your weeds are reduced and your lawn is stronger and greener.

 It’s important to me that all Munns products are environmentally friendly reducing pollution of our streams and waterways. I also love that Munns has more than 65 years-experience in lawn care.

Munns Golf Course Green is available in various sizes from all good garden centres and hardware stores. 5kg covers up to 100m2 – this suits most households. It’s suitable for all lawn varieties including Buffalo.

Application is super-fast and easy, we use a spreader but it’s not necessary. Make sure you water it in well and don’t forget to stand back often and admire your beautiful lawn. My husband is extra good at the last step, but you won’t find this wife complaining.

*pricing was correct at time of publication in 2015



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