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Our expert team of horticulturists worked tirelessly to develop a range of fertilisers, lawn seeds, starters, feeds and boosters that are guaranteed to make every lawn lover swoon. Our premium range of products, that use innovative technology from commercial and agricultural markets are designed to make your lawn the envy of everyone in the street.

Now, let us give you the grand tour.

The Munns Professional Lawn Seed collection comprises a range of premium lawn seed blends, from Couch to Quick Fix, Sun & Shade and Pure Kikuyu. We’ve got you covered when it comes to finding the lawn that will best suit your needs.

Our seeds promote fast lawn establishment. We've used market leading technology to coat our seeds with added nutrients that deliver fast germination in 5-7 days.  The coloured coating serves a dual purpose, it makes it easy to see where you've spread the seeds as you're applying them and also deters pesky birds from eating the seeds and undoing all your hard work!

Not only are our seeds fast germinating, they’re also mixed with a slow release 3-month fertiliser and a commercial grade wetting agent, assisting in the creation of ideal moisture levels and promoting healthy long-term growth.

The Munns Professional Range also includes a range of fertilisers that will supply all the essential nutrients you need for optimal lawn growth. Munns Professional Golf Course Green and Buffalo Booster have triple action formulas to provide complete nutrition for a green and strong lawn, organic ingredients and natural wetting agent for improved soil health and phosphorus and organics for strong and deep root systems.

Another fertiliser in the range, Munns Professional Green Keeper, uses a unique polymer coating to enable a continuous controlled release of fertiliser. This will keep your lawn thick, healthy and green for 6 whole months - meaning you only need to feed your lawn twice a year!

For those passionate about living an organic lifestyle, you're going to love our organic-based Buffalo & All Lawns Starter Fertiliser and Organic Lawn Fertiliser. The Buffalo & All Lawns Starter is an organic-based fertiliser designed to promote thick and fast growth of new lawn. Likewise, the Organic Lawn Fertiliser is certified for use in organic gardening and allows you to maintain a thick and green lawn using only organic ingredients.


Keeping your lawn weed free and super green has been made easy with Munns Professional Buffalo Booster Weed & Feed. You get more bang for your buck with this premium product. One application kills weeds, fertilises and aids in soil wetting. It's a great all rounder!.

As you can see, our Munns Professional Range has something for everyone. It really is a lawn enthusiast's dream. So why wait? Head into your local Bunnings today and speak with a member of their expert team about finding the perfect Munns Professional products for your lawn care needs.

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