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Great news for lawn lovers everywhere, Munns Professional has four highly concentrated products perfect for use through a backpack or knapsack sprayer.

All available in a 1L recyclable container.

Check out below for more details on the benefits and why to use them.

Benefits and features of our new range

Munns Professional Smart Wetter Lawn Wetter is a specially formulated product made from a blend of professional grade wetting agents and seaweed concentrate. This product puts the professional turf managers weapon into the hands of the average homeowner. It’s specially designed for lawns, focusing on reducing water usage by promoting water retention and availability within the soil.

Munns Professional Root Regenerator Soil Improver is formulated with a special blend of plant hormones designed to ‘reprogram’ the plant into changing its growth habit to increasing root development. With added humic acid for turning nutrients that have become unavailable in the soil back into plant available ones. If that wasn’t enough we’ve added a dash of microbes, which attach to the lawn’s roots and help fight off pathogens.

Munns Professional Green Dominator Lawn Fertiliser uses simple plant science for ultimate greening. Munns Professional Green Dominator contains the four key nutrients required for ultimate lawn greening:  iron, magnesium, manganese and nitrogen. Perfect for taking your lawn to the next level in the battle for street dominance. 

Munns Professional Lift Off Lawn Fertiliser is a product specially designed for new lawns to help them establish. It’s rich in phosphorus and boosted with seaweed to stimulate root growth. Referred to as the ‘three tenors’ (or the ‘big three’), Munns Professional Lift Off also contains a concentrated, high nitrogen to phosphorus to potassium ratio (NPK 10-10-10), making it ideal to apply to any lawn when it is developing new roots and spreading during spring and autumn.

Foliar feeding

What is it?

Foliar feeding is when you apply a concentrated liquid fertiliser over the lawn in a low volume of water. No hosing in is done after application. The nutrients are absorbed through the leaves for faster results. Munns Professional Green Dominator and Munns Professional Lift Off are applied as foliar fertilisers over the lawn. Green Dominator promotes an ultra-deep green lawn and Lift Off is a concentrated root stimulator. They’re easily applied via a pressure sprayer and the nutrients can get straight to work.  

What are the benefits?

Less mowing - with concentrated foliar feeding you apply smaller amounts of fertiliser more frequently. This promotes consistent growth and lawn improvement, rather than huge spikes in growth that require lots of mowing.

Less water usage - one of the best reasons for fertilising this way is the scarcity of water. It’s much quicker and easier to apply a liquid via a pressure sprayer, with water usage as low as 5L per 100m2, which is a lot less than standard granular fertilisers that require watering in.  You also don’t have to wait for rain to water it in for you.

Less leaching - when small amounts of nutrients are applied, as with foliar feeding, this reduces the potential for nutrients to be washed away or leached into waterways.  

Rapid uptake - With the product entering the plant through the leaf, results are seen faster.

Root depth and wetting agents

Why are these two things so important?

For many areas in Australia full time water restrictions, on some level, have become the normal. So, it’s time we look at ways to make the most of what precious water we have. It’s important for us that we all look at better ways to use water on your lawn and garden, hopefully resulting in reduced usage.

So, what can we do to reduce our water usage?

Retain more water in your soil – Have you ever applied water and watched it run down the slope? Well you may have a hydrophobic (water repelling) soil. Addition of wetting agents will play a huge role in your lawn’s success during the warmer periods of the year.

Munns Professional Smart Wetter Lawn Wetter has been designed with the home lawn in mind and contains a combination of soil wetters that makes it highly suitable for use on lawns.

Make your pool deeper - Imagine a pool, the deeper it is the more water in it. The same exists within the soil but in this case, the depth of your pool is limited by the depth of your roots; the deeper the roots go the more access they have to water.  Wetting agents help moisture penetrate more deeply and evenly into the soil, creating a larger reservoir of moisture for lawn roots to draw on.

Lost and confused?

There’s no need to be you can apply like a professional in no time thanks to our Munns Lawn Care calendars that provide advice on when to apply products to your lawn as well as other lawn activities you should be doing to get the best results.

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