PRTN Lawn Bare Patch

Is your lawn looking a bit thin and patchy? You can thicken up the lawn by oversowing with lawn seed, which helps fill in the gaps and create a dense grass cover. Thickening up the lawn will also help reduce weed infestations, which can quickly invade patchy areas.

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Autumn is a great time for repairing and thickening up the lawn, as new grass seedlings can establish during the mild conditions.

To prepare the lawn:

  • Remove any dead grass or weeds by gently raking. In bare patches, lightly cultivate and loosen the soil to create a nice soft and crumbly surface for the seeds to grow in.
  • Scatter Munns Professional Quick Fix Premium Seed Blend over the thin areas and bare patches and gently rake into the surface.
  • Munns Professional Quick Fix contains premium improved turf type perennial ryegrass seeds that are ideal for thickening thin lawns and repairing patches in both sun or shaded areas. Perennial ryegrass develops deep roots, which help the plants cope in times of drought.
  • Munns Professional Quick Fix has multiple additional benefits. It contains slow release fertiliser that will feed the new grass for up to 3 months as it establishes, a professional grade wetting agent to promote better water absorption into the soil and the seed has a multi-purpose coating to boost germination and deter birds, while also allowing you to see where you have sown seed.
  • It’s very important to water the area regularly while the new grass establishes. Watering several times a day may be required in hot, windy or dry weather.

Professional tip: Munns Professional Root Regenerator, containing a specialised blend of soil improvers and microbes, can be applied over the lawn during autumn to promote strong and healthy growth.

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