How To Grow Spider Plants

Spider Plant main

Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) seemed to lose favour after their 1970s boom, however they’re making a come back. They’re hardy plants with attractive ribbons of variegated foliage and make a great indoor or hanging basket plant. They even enjoy being pot bound!

Position – Indoors in a low to brightly lit spot, away from direct sunlight.
Water – Minimal watering
Soil – Good quality potting mix
When To Grow – All year round

How To Grow

Step 1 – Choose a pot or hanging basket with good drainage. Position in indoors in low to bright indirect light or outdoors in dappled shade
Step 2 – Fill chosen pots with quality potting mix, such as Yates Potting Mix with Dynamic Lifter.
Step 3 – Plant into pot and water in well. Apply Yates Thrive All Purpose Liquid Plant Food every fortnight from spring to autumn to promote healthy plants with lush foliage growth.
Step 4 – Do not overwater, feel the soil, if it feels dry then water it.

Growing Tips

Did you know?

Large indoor plant walls using plants such as the spider plant can reduce carbon dioxide in the air by up to 23%.



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