How To Grow Hoya


Ahoya, there! If you’re keen on growing hoyas, then you’re in the right place.

There’s so many different varieties to choose from, including the traditional wax flower (Hoya carnosa) or the twisted gnarled foliage of the Indian Rope hoya and the sweet, heart-shaped Hoya ‘Kerri’.

All are tough plants and can be grown indoors or outside, in warm frost-free environments.

They’re tolerant of mid-levels of light (although need moderate light or some morning sun to flower well) and prefer to be kept in the same pot for years – less repotting for you, woohoo!

Position: Indoors in a well lit spot away from direct sunlight or, in frost-free gardens, grow hoyas outdoors in semi shade, dappled light or an area that receives morning sun.
Water: Water occasionally, but allow the plant to dry out between waterings. Water less frequently in winter and when the plant is growing in low light levels.
Soil: Well drained
When to grow All year

How to grow in a pot:

Step 1: Most hoya varieties will grow very happily in quite small pots, and are particularly suited to growing in hanging baskets. If growing indoors, choose a well lit spot, away from direct afternoon sun. For outdoor situations, position the pot in a semi- shaded area and protect from strong winds.
Step 2: Fill pots with quality free draining potting mix, such an orchid or bromeliad mix, as hoyas don’t like wet feet.
Step 3: Plant into pot or hanger and water in well. Feed your hoya occasionally during the growing season (spring to autumn) with Yates Thrive Houseplant Liquid Plant Food.
Step 4: They do not like wet feet so do not overwater. Only re-water when the potting mix feels dry.

Growing Tips:


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