How To Grow Devils Ivy

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Hands down, devil’s ivy (Epipremnum aureum) is the. best. indoor.plant. ever!

Why? Well, this tough trailing plant will grow virtually anywhere – from hanging baskets to troughs or even cuttings placed in a glass vase. It can handle dimly lit rooms and will forgive you for the times you forget to water – seriously, what’s not to love?

Great For – Those that struggle growing plants as it’s a tough little guy. It adds a homey feel to any room it features in.
Position – Will grow in low or high light situations, including direct sunlight, as long as there is sufficient water. .
Water – Allow potting mix to dry between watering.
Soil – Good quality potting mix.
When To Grow – All year round

How To Grow

Step 1 – Choose a pot at least 300mm wide. Position in a well-lit spot indoors or a sheltered spot, out of the hot afternoon sun in a patio situation. Fill with quality potting mix, such as Yates Premium Potting Mix.
Step 2 – Remove the shrub from the container, gently tease the roots and cut away any circled or tangled roots. Give the foliage a light prune to encourage new shoots.
Step 3 – Position in middle of pot and backfill with potting mix, gently firming down. Water in well.
Step 4 – Water when the potting mix is dry – insert your index finger to the first knuckle, if it’s dry, water and if it’s moist, don’t water.
Step 5 – Feed fortnightly during spring and summer with Yates® Thrive® Houseplant Liquid Plant Food.

Growing Tips


Exclusive to our Garden Club, we have put together a comprehensive e-guide featuring our Top 10 indoor plants! Packed full of growing guides and caring tips to help you bring some green indoors.

Yates Top 10 Indoor Plants e-guide


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