Popular Garden Projects and Ideas

Popular Garden Projects and Ideas

Here are some projects & articles to help you master your garden during the spring months.

7 steps to start a Community Garden

Community gardens are a wonderful way to gather up people in your area to create a shared space where everyone is welcome to care and contribute.

Garden eMagazines

Looking for gardening tips, tricks and inspiration? Whether you love gardening indoors or outdoors our eMagazines featuring projects, articles and advice to help you in your garden.

Garden Trivia & Facts

Here are some fun and interesting facts about plants and gardening! Try out these questions in your next trivia event.

Inspiration and Tips for your next Project

Caring for indoor plants

Do you consider yourself a plant lover, but also find that you're a serial plant killer? Quite the contradiction, but we can help you fix that!

Solving Citrus Problems

The secret to protecting your citrus. Citrus trees are very popular to grow and can be found in most backyards around Australia.

Roots & shoots for winter planting

Winter is the season for buying and planting some of the most interesting edible plants. These are the ones that are sold as roots, crowns or bulbs in the cooler months.