Popular Garden Projects and Ideas

Popular Garden Projects and Ideas

Here are some projects & articles to help you master your garden during the spring months.

7 steps to start a Community Garden

Community gardens are a wonderful way to gather up people in your area to create a shared space where everyone is welcome to care and contribute.

Garden eMagazines

Looking for gardening tips, tricks and inspiration? Whether you love gardening indoors or outdoors our eMagazines featuring projects, articles and advice to help you in your garden.

Garden Trivia & Facts

Here are some fun and interesting facts about plants and gardening! Try out these questions in your next trivia event.

Inspiration & Tips for Your Next Project

Winter is Rose Planting Season

Garden centres will be brimming with fabulous selections of bagged, bare-rooted roses during winter. Here's how to plant your brand new rose and some important winter rose care tips to keep it looking fantastic.

Growing from Cuttings

Have you always coveted a particular plant in a friend's garden and wished you could have a specimen yourself? Growing plants from cuttings is the easiest & cheapest way to propagate large numbers of plants.

Frost Protection in Your Garden

Winter frosts can damage tender growth, particularly if plants haven't had a chance to acclimatise to the colder weather. Here are a few strategies that can be used to help protect vulnerable plants from frost damage.

Winter Gardening Essentials

The coolest months are an opportunity to tackle some important gardening jobs and give the garden a thorough tidy up after a busy growing season. It will also help make your garden a lot happier and healthier come spring. So grab your beanie, a warm jacket and get started!

Care for Camellias

Late winter is the season when camellias are at their best and the shade-loving japonica camellias are at their peak.