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Let's get dirty! This month we 're here to dish the dirt on how Yates Dynamic Lifter brings your soil to life. Through its unique organic ingredients you will have your garden looking fabulous in no time!

Starting a new Community Garden

Check out our comprehensive guide to starting a community garden.

Yates My Garden App

You could have all the garden answers in the palm of your hand with this handy app. Oh and it's completely FREE!

Fun Garden Trivia

Find out all best gardening facts here! Lots of Garden fun, gardening humor and trivia by the Yates Gardening Team.

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Tropical Gardens

How do you describe a tropical garden? Exuberant, lush, full and abundant are some of the words that come to mind. Tropical plants are renowned for their large leaves and showy, brightly coloured flowers.

Gardening in Containers

Plants are grown in containers for many reasons. The increasing number of people who live in flats or home units must, by necessity, do their gardening on windowsills or balconies. Here is your guide to gardening in containers.

Starting a Community Garden

With more families moving to inner city or high density living, the idea of sharing garden space has taken on greater appeal. If you want to get involved in a community garden, your local council is a good place to start.

Autumn Invaders

Gardeners are usually concerned about the pests that attack their plants, but autumn’s the season when other pests can also become troublesome in our homes and gardens.