Autumn is the new spring and a brilliant time to get growing in the back yard and prepare soil with a fertiliser like Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Organic Plant Food to create a strong foundation for a healthy and beautiful garden. It is also the perfect time to start bulb planting. They are surprising easy to grow and with the right information and care they will bloom for Spring and add vibrant colour to your garden.

Step by step guide to planting bulbs

Step 1 – Keep your new bulbs cool

  • Bulbs prefer cool soil so if the weather isn’t cool enough (under 23 degrees) we recommend storing your bulbs in your fridge in an egg carton or paper bag. Please don’t store your bulbs in a plastic bag, this will make them sweat and then start to rot.
  • Also keep away from other fresh food in your fridge as the gases released by the fresh food can ruin the bulbs.
  • If you’re growing tulips, daffodils or hyacinth they will need to be refridgerated (no longer than 6 weeks).

Step 2 – Finding the perfect spot to plant your bulbs

  • Bulbs are pretty happy generally in most spots that give them full or part sun. We always recommend reading the packet instructions just to be 100% sure.
  • You can also try planting hycanth’s in a shallow bowl for a consolidated display. These can look quite spectacular.

Step 3 – Preparing soil for planting

  • Once you have your perfect spot you need to prepare your soil to ensure your plants get the best nutrition. Clear all weeds, rocks and debris and then dig the soil over until it’s fine and crumbly. You can use Yate Seed Raising Mix which is ideal for growing new plants and then add a handful of Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food to the soil for extra added nutrients.
  • Other tips are to ensure the soil is free-draining as bulbs do rot in soggy soil. 

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