If you like your oranges sweet and juicy then Valencia is the variety for you. Originally bred in southern California, it was named after Valencia in Spain, which is renowned for growing sweet oranges. It’s a thin skinned orange and is perfect for juicing. The peak harvest season for valencias is late winter and early spring. However, a fantastic benefit of valencias is that the fruit can be left on the tree for up to 6 months. This increases the sweetness and allows you to harvest home grown oranges well into summer.

Valencia orange trees will grow up to 5m tall and have beautiful fragrant white flowers in spring. Dwarf grafted trees reach around 2 m tall, which makes them perfect for small space gardeners and also growing in pots. They’re more compact trees but still produce normal sized fruit! Seedless Valencia oranges are also available however will still develop some seeds if grown near other citrus trees that flower at the same time.

Valencia oranges do best in a sunny location with well-drained soil or a 40 cm diameter pot filled with quality potting mix like Yates® Premium Potting Mix

When planting a new valencia orange tree into the ground, mix some Yates Dynamic Lifter® Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser into the bottom of the planting hole. Yates Dynamic Lifter improves the quality of the soil and supplies the newly planted orange with gentle, organic nutrients as it establishes.

Valencia oranges, like other citrus, are heavy feeders and require lots of nutrients to support all the foliage, flowers and delicious fruit. Feed orange trees from spring to autumn with Yates® Thrive® Natural Citrus & Fruit Organic Based Pelletised Plant Food. It contains a special combination of more than 50% natural ingredients, boosted with fast acting fertilisers. It encourages healthy green leaf growth and is high in flower and fruit promoting potassium.

Keep valencia orange trees well-watered and apply a layer of mulch around the root zone to help retain soil moisture.

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