Who doesn't love carrots? The sweet crunch in your salad or dipped into hummus, this versitile vegie is well worth growing.



Nutritious and delicious, broccoli is a must grow in your vegie patch!




Whether you prefer sugarsnap or snow peas, they are a delight for the taste buds and tummy.



Turn the 'beet' around and start growing some beetroot! Delicious roasted and in salads and relishes, they're easy to grow in 4 simple steps!


Baby Leaf Spinach

Baby leaf spinach leaves are smooth and tender, with a delicate nutty flavour.  They're perfect for adding to salads and pasta.


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Baby Carrot

A superb, crisp, sweet variety. Quick to grow, rich in Vitamin A and carotene. Great for containers.

Broccoli Shogun Winter Harvest

The best quality, hybrid choice for the cooler months. Firm dome-shaped heads that hold well in the garden. Side branches continue to produce after central head is cut.

Beetroot Derwent Globe

A rich red, globe-shaped root. Flesh is tender and sweet. Grows all year round in most climates, making it ideal for summer salads and winter dishes.

Spinach Baby Leaf

A popular addition to mixed salads, Baby Spinach leaves are prized for their nutty flavour and their pleasant texture.

What else to sow & grow in Autumn

Leek Welsh Wonder

A popular variety enjoyed for its fleshy, tender white stems. Excellent mild onion flavour. Hardy and versatile.

Lettuce Baby Combo

An interesting blend of baby leaf lettuce types in greens and reds. Ideal for salads. Ideal for small space gardens

Onion Sweet Red

Popular red variety with a mild, sweet flavour. Fresh tasting and versatile - use in salads, cooked dishes or as a garnish.

Rocket Large Leaf

A rapid grower with peppery-tasting leaves that will add zest to your salads.