Who doesn't love carrots? The sweet crunch in your salad or dipped into hummus, this versitile vegie is well worth growing.


Nutritious and delicious, broccoli is a must grow in your vegie patch!



Whether you prefer sugarsnap or snow peas, thry're a delight for the taste buds and tummy.


Turn the 'beet' around and start growing some beetroot! Delicious roasted and in salads and relishes, they're easy to grow in 5 simple steps!

Baby Leaf Spinach

Baby leaf spinach leaves are smooth and tender, with a delicate nutty flavour.  They're perfect for adding to salads and pasta.

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Baby Carrots

A superb, crisp, sweet variety. Quick to grow, rich in Vitamin A and carotene. Great for containers.

Beetroot Derwent Globe

A rich red, globe-shaped root. Flesh is tender and sweet. Grows all year round in most climates, making it ideal for summer salads and winter dishes.

Spinach Baby Leaf

A popular addition to mixed salads, Baby Spinach leaves are prized for their nutty flavour and their pleasant texture.

What else to sow & grow in Autumn

Onion Sweet Red

Popular red variety with a mild, sweet flavour. Fresh tasting and versatile - use in salads, cooked dishes or as a garnish.