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All around Australia, there are lots of things to keep you wonderfully busy out in the garden during spring. Here are some tasks you can do in your garden according to your climate.

In cool climates:

  • Plant rhubarb crowns or potted rhubarb plants in a sunny spot in a well-drained vegie patch. Rhubarb is a perennial vegetable (yes, vegetable!) and can be productive for many years. It's best to delay picking stems until the second year, to allow the plants to become well established. To promote lots of healthy growth, feed plants each week from spring to autumn with Yates Thrive¬†All Purpose Soluble Fertiliser.

  • Sow Yates Broccoli 'Summer Green' and Yates Brussels Sprouts 'Drumtight' seed in late spring so you'll have fresh and healthy home grown produce to pick during autumn. Protect young seedlings from snails and slugs by lightly sprinkling Yates Snail & Slug Bait over the soil around the plants.

  • Winter grass (Poa annua) is a common grass weed in lawns. It has tufted lime green leaves (so it appears different to the rest of the lawn) and small creamy white seed heads, which enable winter grass to spread. In cool climates winter grass seed will start to germinate as the weather warms up. Control these new winter grass seedlings with Munns Professional Winter Grass Killer. It comes in an easy to use hose-on applicator and a 2.4 L pack treats 240m2.
Alpine Strawberries
  • As the weather warms up, we'll be using more water in our gardens. Make the most of every drop and re-use the greywater from your laundry, bath and shower. Mixing Yates Greywater Fertiliser to this greywater neutralises the effect of alkaline soaps and detergents on soil pH, helps kill unwanted microbes, contains calcium to reduce potential negative effects of greywater on soil quality and adds missing nutrients to feed ornamental plants and lawns and encourage healthy growth.
  • Fix bare patches in the lawn, to stop them becoming a magnet for weeds. Munns Professional Quick Fix Lawn Seed is a blend of premium lawn seed that has been specially developed to quickly repair bare patches and has an advanced germination booster coating to promote fast germination.
  • Start a strawberry patch! Grow delicious alpine strawberries with Yates Alpine Strawberry seed or look for small pots or punnets of strawberries in your local garden centre. Choose a sunny spot in the garden (or in pots or troughs) and feed established plants each week with Yates Thrive Strawberry & Berry Fruit Liquid Plant Food.

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