Sedums are fantastic succulents that are low maintenance, drought hardy and provide interesting year round foliage colour.


Plant Growers Australia ( have a fantastic collection of sedums called ‘Blob’, including:

·         Purple Blob (pictured bottom top left) – attractive clusters of purple and grey leaves.

·         Silver Blob (pictured bottom top right) – compact rosettes of powdery silver foliage with yellow flowers during the warmer months.

·         Grey Blob (pictured bottom middle left) – feathery-like grey foliage.

·         Green Blob (pictured bottom middle right) – rounded lime green leaves

·         Chocolate Blob (pictured bottom left) – burgundy tinted leaves.

·         Gold Blob (pictured bottom right) – golden coloured foliage.

The BLOB range are fast growing spreading ground covers that create a cushion like mound of fleshy foliage. Their range of colours and textures are perfect for creating attractive focal points in rockeries, garden beds and dry garden designs or to edge paths and driveways. They also make a fabulous potted plant.

The BLOB range are easy to grow in either full sun or part shade and are drought tolerant once established. They only need watering once their leaves start to soften or shrink, which is more common during periods of hot weather.

Sedums need well-drained soil or potting mix and will benefit from an occasional feed with Yates Thrive® Houseplant Liquid Plant Food.

You'll need

Yates Premium Potting Mix

A premium potting mix, ideal for all potted plants and shrubs, including ornamentals, fruit trees, vegies and herbs.