It’s so important for kids to get their hands dirty and learn where their food comes from! Here’s an easy ‘recycled’ way to get started.

Have the kids grown out of their sand pit or paddling pool? Convert it into a child sized vegie garden, just for them.

If it’s a solid plastic clam shell style sand pit you’ll need to drill holes in the base to ensure it is well drained and for a flexible plastic paddling pool poke lots of holes through the bottom.

OR do you have some old tires in the garage that are just taking up space? Instead of sending them to landfill, place them in the garden, paint them brightly, they're perfect for growing colourful flowers and hardy succulents.. Please note, tyres are best used to grow non-edible plants.

Locate your recycled garden in a sunny spot and fill with good quality potting mix or bagged garden soil. Plan your favourite ‘kid friendly’ vegies to grow – small varieties of cherry tomatoes, dwarf beans and baby carrots are great choices.

And include a few strawberry plants too! Get the kids to help water and feed their patch each week with liquid plant food. Explain how plants need water and food too!