Flowering shrubs can be used as wonderful foundation plants in garden designs, becoming fabulous backdrop, foreground or feature plants around which seasonal pops of colour and foliage can be grown.

Polygala ‘Little BiBi®’ (Polygala myrtifolia x oppositifolia) from Plant Growers Australia is a fantastic dwarf evergreen shrub that becomes smothered in beautiful mauve pea like flowers during spring and summer. It’s a tough plant that tolerates dry conditions once established and is also a great plant for coastal gardens.


Images and Little Bibi information courtesy of www.pga.com.au

Growing to around 1 m tall x 1 m wide, it’s naturally compact however can be pruned to shape after the main flush of flowers has finished.

It does best in a full sun position with well-drained soil, or in a pot with good drainage holes filled with a quality potting mix like Yates® Premium Potting Mix. It looks fantastic when grown as a low border or hedge, in mixed garden beds or in containers, where it can brighten up outdoor entertaining spaces.

Feed flowering shrubs like Polygala every 6 – 8 weeks from spring to autumn with Yates Thrive® Natural Roses & Flowers Organic Based Pelletised Plant Food. Spread the pellets around the root zone and water in well.

Yates Thrive Natural Roses & Flowers contains a special combination of more than 50% natural ingredients, boosted with fast acting fertilisers, including flower-promoting potassium, to encourage both vigorous leaf growth and lots of beautiful flowers.

You'll need

Yates Premium Potting Mix

A premium potting mix, ideal for all potted plants and shrubs, including ornamentals, fruit trees, vegies and herbs.