Whether you like your plums with golden yellow, rich crimson or creamy white flesh, they’re sweet, juicy and delicious. Some plums are freestone (the flesh comes away easily from the stone) or clingstone and come in a range of skin colours from dark purple to light red and yellow.


If you enjoy eating plums during summer and early autumn then winter is the time to plan a plum tree for your garden, when they’ll be available as bare rooted trees. Most varieties of plum trees do best in areas with cool winters however some have lower chill requirements, so in warm temperate areas look out for varieties such as Gulf Gold, Gulf Blaze and Gulf Ruby.

Plum trees can reach up to 5 m tall. For smaller spaces look out for dwarf varieties of plums, reaching around 2 m tall, which can also be grown very successfully in large pots, making them ideal for a sunny courtyard. A Yates® Tuscan 400 mm pot is a sturdy, attractive and lightweight pot choice. For best results, fill pots with a good quality potting mix such as Yates Premium Potting Mix.




Plums will need to be grown in a full sun, wind protected position, near a pollinating partner to help achieve the best possible harvest. The plant tag will provide information on the best matching plum varieties.

For the best flavour and maximum sweetness, allow plums to ripen on the tree. They’re ready to pick when they’re just starting to soften.

Feed plum trees from spring to autumn with Yates Thrive® Natural Citrus & Fruit Organic Based Pelletised Plant Food, which promotes healthy leaf growth and lots of delicious plums. Yates Thrive® Natural Citrus & Fruit Organic Based Pelletised Plant Food also contains more than 50% natural ingredients, including Yates Dynamic Lifter®, which helps improve soil quality and encourage hardworking earthworms and beneficial soil microorganisms.

You'll need

Yates Premium Potting Mix

A premium potting mix, ideal for all potted plants and shrubs, including ornamentals, fruit trees, vegies and herbs.

Yates Tuscan Round Pot

Yates Tuscan Pots have been designed by horticulturists to give plants the best growing conditions.

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